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Children love martial arts and they love superheroes.  NOW THEY GET TO BE BOTH!


For Toddlers Ages 1.5 - 3

It's a bird... it's a plane... Nope, it's the Lil' Action Heroes!

There's no better way for a parent and child to bond together than our GUARDIANS program for toddlers! It's is a parent participation style class with martial arts curriculum that's based on positive play and focusing on basic motor skills like running, jumping, stretching, hand coordination, taking turns, and working as a super team! The parent helpers are called our superhero SIDE KICKS! Our philosophy focuses on respect, kindness towards others, and self - discipline. Our Lil' Action Heroes learn by copying the teacher and their side kicks! 

Lil' Action Hero Powers... ACTIVATE!


For Pre-schoolers Ages 3 - 5

Truth, justice, and the Lil' Action Hero way! 

The PROTECTORS program is a developmentally appropriate preschool program for potty trained students 3 to 5 years old. Each class focuses on motor skills, social skills, self control and patience. Through fun games, exciting drills, and a dynamic curriculum, the kids will progress through our belt rank and gadgets system that will create the best of the best martial arts super kids! The Protectors are learning to become more independent, responsible, and resilient  individuals through the marital arts way! Obstacle courses, reaction time drills, and compelling games are just some of the activities and drills that the Protectors will be doing on a daily basis! 

Get ready to Power up, up, up and away!


For Early Elementary Ages 5.5 - 7

Faster than a speeding punch, more powerful than a spinning back kick, able to leap tall buildings in a single flying side kick!


The defenders program instills focus, respect, patience, and taking action now!   They'll progress through our belt rank system earning karate belts and superhero power up gadgets along their journey towards attaining their Lil' Action Hero black belt!  

The  Defenders learn a basic martial arts curriculum designed to teach playground appropriate self defense skills, in a safe and fun class format. Kickboxing, Tae Kwon-do, and MMA skills are the core of our martial arts moves! Discipline and respect are the core of our philosophy!



Heroes, take your positions... THE POWER POSITIONS! 

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