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The Purpose


of the

Lil’ Action Heroes Martial Arts Superkids  program is to: build self-esteem, and self-resiliency in every child through an innovative, superhero inspired, martial arts program that is safe, educational, empowering, and fun! 

Self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. Kids with a healthy self-esteem feel confident, proud and capable. They are more likely to have positive relationships with others and will feel accepted for who they are.

Self-resiliency is the ability to resist or recover quickly from the challenges and pressures that life throws at us and maintain a positive outlook. Kids with self-resiliency can adapt easily and they feel, mentally and spiritually, strong and secure!

Put these two values together and you have a confident young person who is ready to take on the world!

A Lil’ Action Hero Martial Arts Super Kid!

Kids with Capes
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