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All Lil' Action Heroes recite the creed, with the instructor, before every class

as a daily affirmation! This helps to create a mindset of success!

The Lil' Action Hero Creed

A Lil’ Action Hero, I stand tall and proud,

a martial arts super kid who sounds-off loud! 

I say yes sir / yes ma’am and bow with respect,

A never quit attitude is in effect!


To be proud and believe in myself is self-esteem,

a future black belt on the Lil Action Heroes team!

I raise self-esteem by saying "I can do it!"

and proving to myself that I will get through it!


Resilience means that my spirit is tough,

It’s continuing on when things get rough,

It’s a deep breath and smile instead of a frown,

and getting back up after being knocked down!


Self-discipline means do the right thing without being told.

I will use self-discipline to keep my actions controlled!

Respect is bowing in class, being nice, and sharing.

The best way I can respect others is by caring!

The 3 rules of concentration are needed to be wise,

focus my mind, focus my body, and focus my eyes!

I will use these 3 rules everywhere that I go, 

Use them to listen and learn to win and to grow!

I’ll only use martial arts with good common sense,

to be healthy, make friends, and practice self-defense!   

To become a black belt I know I must commit.

A black belt is just a white belt who never quit!


I’ll practice at home and tell my teacher that I did,

I’m a Lil’ Action Hero Martial Arts Super Kid!

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Written by KJN Dan Haney

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